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Shantou New Oriental Obtained FSC Certification
On June 19, 2014,Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Ltd. got the certification from British Forest Stewardship Council System, which is mainly appeal for countries in the world joining the ranks of forest resources protection.The purpose is to protect the forest resources,maintain the sustainable development of forest resources.

Our Vision:
The world’s forests meet the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs
of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.
FSC Forest Certification, known as Timber Certification, is to make use of the market mechanism to promote sustainable forest management, to achieve ecological, social and economic aim. FSC Forest Certification concludes Forest Management Certification (Forest Management, FM) and Chain of Custody Certification (Chain of Custody, COC). Forest Management Certification, also known as sustainable Forest Management Certification or simply FSC Forest Certification.
FSC Forest Certification is for the forest management unit, which is issued by an independent third party forest certification agencies according to FSC forest management standards formulated in accordance with the recognized principles and standards forest management performance.The forest management performance is audited to prove that their requirement to achieve sustainable management of the process.
Chain of Custody certification is refer to a timber for each stage of production and processing of enterprises, including the identification during the timber transporting, processing and circulating in the whole chain, in order to ensure that the final products derived from certified well-managed forests, is an ecological protection certification. Through certification, companies have the right to indicate the name and trademark of certification system on its products, namely forest certification label.
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